free for all  /ˈfri fərˌɔl/

1. a fight, argument, contest, etc., open to everyone and usually without rules.
2. any competition or contested situation that is disordered, impulsive, or out of control.
3. a chaotic situation especially lacking in rules or structure.
1. open to everyone.
The state of human rights in parts of Asia could aptly be described as a Free For All. We prefer to look at our blog name this way: there are fundamental human rights that should be Free For All people, at no cost to our safety, our health, our property, or the security of ourselves or our loved ones.
Free For All is a new Radio Free Asia blog that takes a fresh, in-depth look at human rights issues in Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam and the region at large.

We will look at a range of topics including freedom of speech, expression, religion, assembly and the consequences of living without them. We’ll explore what it’s like to live under One-Party Rule and totalitarian-led regimes. We’ll monitor the trials of dissidents and activists. We’ll go in-depth on human trafficking, child slavery and prostitution. We’ll keep an eye on media and press freedom, too. As our blog shines the light on rights abuses, we hope it won’t all be bad news. We’ll also highlight efforts that are being made to end them.

Radio Free Asia is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information to listeners in Asian countries where full, accurate, and timely news reports are unavailable. The very fact that these countries don’t allow a free press is in itself a violation of human rights.  Our aim is to bring greater transparency to rights abuses in Asia and in doing so, help to end them.

Thanks for visiting Free For All. We welcome your comments.

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